How to submit an opportunity on Composer's Site:

•Click "Submit" in the menu at the top of the web page.
•On the "Create content" page that appears, click "Opportunity."
•In the "Title" field, give your opportunity a descriptive title (e.g., Call for scores: piano trio)
•Optional but recommended: in the "Web site" field, give a URL associated with your opportunity.
•Make a selection from the "Opportunity Type" list.
•For "Expiration Date?", choose Yes if your opportunity has an expiration date, No if it doesn't.
•For "Entry Fee?", choose Yes if your opportunity has an entry fee, No if it doesn't.
•If your opportunity has an expiration date, enter the expiration date in the "Expiration of Opportunity" field. Please note the required format.
•If your opportunity has an entry fee, enter the amount in the "Entry Fee" field, and select the currency for the entry fee from the "Currency" menu.
•In the "Body" field, please supply information about the opportunity, including AT LEAST the following:
—Who you are (e.g., "We are the Really Good Piano Trio")
—What you are asking for (e.g., "We are looking for unperformed piano trios between 10-12 minutes in length")
—How to contact you (e.g., "To submit scores, please send pdf files and recordings to")
Please note: all submissions are reviewed before publication, and failure to include this information will result in a delay of publication while we contact you and ask you to resubmit. Providing a link to your website is not enough, even if that website has full details of the submission.
•In the "Submitter name" field, please put your name (or that of a contact person for the organization).
•In the "Submitter email" field, please put your email address (or that of the contact person for the organization).
Please note: the Submitter name and email address are NOT published in the post. This is for Composers Site administrative use only. You still need to provide contact information in the "Body" field.
•Click the "Save" button. Your post will be reviewed by a site administrator; if there's nothing missing, it will be published on our regular schedule.

Tips to Submit to Opportunities
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Online Submission
Music Avatar
Music Avatar is a brand new initiative to create an easy way to submit and process calls for scores and calls for works.

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