Flute New Music Consortium 2018 Competition: Chamber Music

Chamber Works. Submission deadline: September 1, 2018. 11:59 CST
Works in this category include flute in some capacity.
Chamber works should utilize between three and six performers.
All instrumentations will be considered, but works for flute ensemble (flute quartet, flute trio) are strongly encouraged.

Entries must use the flute in some capacity. There is no age limit, and composers are permitted to submit up to three works per category
Suggested Length: 5-12 minutes
Submission of Materials:
Online application and entry fee ($13 per score). A $1 convenience fee per score will be assessed for payments submitted through the website. Scores should not contain identifying markings. This includes pseudonyms, dedications, and commissioner names.
Multiple Entries: Composers may submit no more than three entries per competition category.
The winning composer from each competition category will receive a $250 (USD) prize, one or more performances, and a live recording from one or more of the performances.

Entry Information:
All entries must include:
Scores with no identifying markings in either the file or the file name. This includes pseudonyms, dedications, and commissioner names.
Scores must be created in Finale, Sibelius, or some other type of music entry software program
All score submissions must be in PDF file format
Live or MIDI recordings of each entry, with no identifying markings. This includes names of performers and composers in the file name as well as the metadata.
All recordings should be submitted as mp3 files.
Application information: name of composer, contact information, title of piece, instrumentation of piece, composer website (if available)
Payment confirmation number
Multiple movement scores should be submitted as a single PDF file
Multiple movement works should be submitted as a single mp3 file

An entry confirmation will appear at the time of submission. An email confirmation will not be sent.

Selected winners give FNMC members rights to perform their works for one year and record their works for up to six years without further compensation. Selected winners consent to one video interview, to be shared with FNMC members and in FNMC marketing materials.

Incomplete applications or applications with identifying markings will be disqualified. Entries submitted without the payment confirmation number will be disqualified. Entries received after the deadline will not be considered. Entries which do not include an audio file in mp3 format will be disqualified. Previously winning pieces are not eligible for re-entry.

1 Sep 2018
U.S. Dollar (USD)