2nd Edition of Cum Laude Music Awards

2nd Cum Laude Music Awards

International Consonant Chamber Music Composition Contest
Premiering, Performing, Recording and Broadcasting New Music for a New Audience

Open to publishers and composers of any nationality and age, the Non Profit Music Foundation is very excited to announce the 2nd edition of Cum Laude Music Awards, an International Consonant Chamber Music Composition Contest.

The value of the award is up to 30,000 € investment in the dissemination of the winning works. The prize is a full program of international promotion of the winning works through their performance in concert halls world-class with renowned interpreters. In addition, a CD Audio will be recorded provided that there is established in the point No.9 of Prize Rules section is accomplish. The recording will feature an international broadcast campaign between broadcasters and print media.

The premiere or performance of the work will be videotaped, additionally, for submission to be broadcasted by Spanish Radio Television (RTVE). Each winning author will also receive 50 copies of the recording. The distribution of the recording in the United States and Canada will be made through Naxos of America and Europe through Semele Music Projects. The recording will be distributed on digital download stores both high resolution and generic stores too.

Some inscription rules:

• There is no restrictions about the works except in Spain, where never have had to be performed or premiered.

• The works admits any possible combination that includes up to 10 parts included choir.

• The works cannot be longer than 20 minutes, or less than 3 minutes.

• There is a registration fee for each work a composer present to this contest of $50 / 45€ to be paid online through PayPal.

• The deadline for registration is February 29, 2019.

• Inscription starts on July 1st, 2018

For more information, please visit our website:

28 Feb 2019
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