COMPOSITION MASTER CLASS with Yan Maresz - Livorno Music festival 2018


Deadline is extended to July 15, 2018.

The composition course will be focusing on writing a "collective soundtrack" for an historical silent film: Pinocchio a 1911 film, directed by Giulio Antamoro (visible on: using electroacoustic media as well as mixed live/electronic music.
In the case of mixed live/electronic music, the available instrument will be the clarinet (also bass clarinet).
It is nevertheless also possible to participate by using the solo clarinet without electronics, but this would be more the exception than the rule; we wish the whole work to have more an electroacoustic nature than an instrumental one.
The collective aspect of the work comes from the different parts of the movie that will be assigned to the selected composers by Yan Maresz after the selection deadline of the 15th of June. A social and collective environment to discuss the project making via internet during the summer will be also available.
The week course itself will be focusing on the finalisation and collective mixing of the different parts of individual works to form a unique work that will be shown and performed with the film on the 28th of August in the Festival concert programme.
The electroacoustic works can be done with any kind of technique, from concrete recordings to synthesis, etc, and will be gathered together in multitrack formats that can be further worked on in the course (whatever the environment used to compose, the rendering of multitracks into individual tracks of audio is thus important). The resulting final file will in stereo format. The use of clarinet with live electronics can be done using Max-Msp or Pure Data.

Maximum 8 students

During the course Maestro Fabio De Sanctis will give a lecture.

The organization reserves the right to make some scholarships available to the most deserving students upon request to the secretariat, to be assigned at the end of the course and at the discretion of the teachers.

15 Jul 2018
Euro (EUR)