FOUR MINUTES for woodwind quartet


FOUR MINUTES piece for Flute (flute, piccolo, alto flute, bass flute) + Oboe (English horn) + Clarinet (bass clarinet) + Bassoon

Iwona Glinka (Athens-based flutist) and Gdansk Reed Trio are seeking for new four-minute pieces for performance and recording. Submissions must be not yet commercially released on recording. It is acceptable if the music has been disseminated on the Internet via YouTube, Soundcloud, personal web sites, etc., as long as a commercial recording has not yet been produced.

The length should be four minutes. The style is open to the taste of the composer.

The intention for selected submissions is to present them in live performance in programs and then to record them for a CD made up exclusively of submissions from this call to be released on Phasma Music Label Full physical and digital distribution via Naxos.

Four-stages submission process:

First stage until September 28, 2018.

- No works over four minutes will be reviewed
- Multiple submissions are not accepted
- Hand written score is not accepted
- Provide a maximum 50-word biography and 50-word program notes in English
- Upload a score as a PDF file to
- Score should be transposed (not in C)
- Demo recordings are welcome via a link to Dropbox, Soundcloud, or other external hosting site. Please do not email audio files.

Second stage until October 15, 2018.

- All selected composer's works will be subsidised for the performance, recording and distribution of their work.
- Agreement signing
- Fee 360 Euro via PayPal (recording equipment, sound engineer, editing, preparing the master, renting venue, cover and inside design, CD production, distribution)

Third stage until January 15, 2019

- Concert and Recording

Fourth stage until May 31, 2019

- Sending to every composer 16 copies of CD album

28 Sep 2018