Seeking Composers

Gamelan Composers’ Forum 2018
Call for Proposals

The Gamelan Composers’ Forum would once again like to offer composers around the world the opportunity to create new music for gamelan instruments.

We are looking for 4 composers of any nationality and age to collaborate with our guest electro-acoustic composer, Haris Čustović (, to create gamelan-electronic dance music. This new music will be premiered at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, UK on 11 November 2018.

Proposals should offer fresh, bold and daring ideas and should be submitted before 24 August 2018. Proposals should contain explorative, innovative ideas along with a written description about your composition, a short biography and a sample of your original music (online links are accepted).

Compositions should be written for any combinations of Javanese genders (in either or both slendro and pelog tuning) and/or Balinese gender wayang and violin. Gamelan musicians and a violinist will be available to rehearse and premier the pieces.

Selected composers will be required to produce notated music to fit in with the loop base music in 4/4, which will be provided by our guest composer, Haris.

Composers are strongly advised to write compositions in gamelan notation font style, although graphic notation (for semi/constructed improvisation) is also accepted.

It is compulsory for composers to attend the performance on 11 November.

There are a very limited number of small grants available for composers to help toward their travel expenses. Formal letters of invitation for selected composers can also be provided on reques.

Please contact Aris Daryono at daryono[at]btinternet[dot]com to submit your proposals and if you have any questions.

24 Aug 2018