The (North East Ohio) N.E.O. SOUND Modern Orchestra, is excited to present an opportunity for ALL COMPOSERS. We are currently seeking out new works for FULL ORCHESTRA to READ and RECORD for reference purposes.

• Please submit, in email (, a FULL SCORE (PDF).
• Upon submission, you receive a reference number (within 12 hours).
• Once the Artistic Director approves of the reading session and recording date, you will be asked to email the legible PARTS (PDF).
• When the reading/recording session is completed, you will receive the recording within 1-2 weeks.

• Instrumentation
Maximum – (2+picc., 2+eng., 2+Eb/bass cln., 2+contra.) (4, 3+doub. Picc. Tpt., 3+bass, 1) (strings), (perc. 4 musicians).
o Will consult composer in terms of instrumentation feasibility.
o Please include electronic sounds on CD rendering.

• Time Limit
o Maximum 12 minutes
o Each piece will receive 35 minutes (3 minutes prep, 20 minutes rehearsal, 12 minutes recording)

• Recordings will be for the SOLE PURPOSE of serving as a reference for composers. All composers will be required to sign a release to give N.E.O. SOUND complete rights of the recording.

• Donations are greatly appreciated and will be collected through Patreon
o Although donations WILL NOT guarantee a reading/recording, special consideration will be given.

The North East Ohio (N.E.O.) SOUND modern orchestra is a new music orchestra located in Akron, Ohio. In it's inaugural season, the organization is based upon the ideas of musicality, integration, and collaboration, the ensemble serves as a conduit between mainstream audiences and modern symphonic repertoire. N.E.O. SOUND also functions as a reading orchestra for composers of all ages and nationalities. This unique experience provides the musicians, within the ensemble, an opportunity to perform and communicate with living composers of all backgrounds, enhancing their musical flexibility and versatility. Heavily focused on community, N.E.O. SOUND actively collaborates with local artistic organizations to create a fresh concert environment.

Further questions? please direct to provided email (

1 Sep 2018
U.S. Dollar (USD)