Hearing Orpheus Today 2019

Hearing Orpheus Today 2019 COMPOSITION COMPETITION

Hearing Orpheus Today would like to announce the launch of the composition competition for 2019.
The specifications for the pieces are as follows :
a) Duration : Between 4 and 8 minutes
b) Instrumentation : any combination of organ, oboe, viola and bassoon BUT the combination must include the organ.
c) No electronic manipulation.
d) Ideally the piece should be inspired by a place of worship / meditation.

A pdf copy of the score (with a nom de plume) along with an mp3 rendering should be sent to hearingorpheustoday@gmail.com.
A separate document with the composer details of the respective nom de plume should be sent to pacereuben@gmail.com.
All entries should be submitted by the 15th of January 2019.

A fee of 25 euros is payable for EACH entry. The payment should be made by paypal to account pacereuben@gmail.com The first 3 pieces chosen shall be performed in all concerts of Hearing Orpheus Today which next year shall be held in 5 countries. Exact dates and venues will be announced in the future. (The concert in Malta shall be held during the Malta International Organ Festival 2019.)
A prize of 500 euros shall be awarded to the winning (first place ) piece.
The decision of the jury is final and undisputable.

For enquiries please email hearingorpheustoday@gmail.com

15 Jan 2019
Euro (EUR)