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RMN Classical is proud and thrilled to continue its series of calls announcing the new project: Call for Chamber Music Recordings – Composers.
This opportunity is addressed and open to any composer regardless of age and country of residence, that owns recordings (both live or studio) of their own chamber music works and would like to get the opportunity to see their work published in a contemporary music album produced to showcase and promote contemporary music.

With this new opportunity, RMN Classical aims to discover, promote and nurture the contemporary music scene, by looking for innovative ideas, original compositions, outstanding productions, good quality music and talented composers that would otherwise remain under the radar.

The track(s) submitted are intended to be mainly of Contemporary music written for a minimum of 2 instruments (duo) up to 12 instruments. The work(s) can have jazz, pop rock, world or other influences and flavours but should mainly be instrumental contemporary classical. The piece(s) can be with or without singer and can contain electronics. Works for percussions can be submitted, but those including choir will not be accepted.

The winners will be featured in an album release that will be produced by RMN Classical and released worldwide through RMN Music (all costs covered). This release will be distributed on a high-quality edition on all the various platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music), and many other stores and satellite radio (Pandora) The release and the winning works will also be added to the Sound and Music Archive of the prestigious British Library (London, UK)

Among the prize RMN Music is happy to include a high-quality design of the cover artwork, chart registration in the USA, the Uk, and Canada, licensing and copyright clearance and the composers will retain copyright. Additionally, there will be synchronisation and licensing (tv and media)opportunity, and optionally physical distribution and manufacturing of the album will be available based on demand.

The deadline will be October 28, 2018, and the application fee will be divided into:

  • Discounted Early Bird (ending 30 September 2018)
  • Full Price (ending October 28, 2018)

Each applicant/composer will have the opportunity to submit more than one work via the Application Form, and the submission should include the link to the recording, the score, notes about the composition, about the composer, and about the performer(s) and/or ensemble.

For more information and to submit your work(s) visit the Official Call Page

28 Oct 2018
British Pound (GBP)