A. Massari composition contest

Musical association InConTraMusica and Diaphonia Music Edition announce the composition contest
“Augusto Massari”. The selected score will be published by Diaphonia Edizioni and performed during a public
concert organized by InConTra Musica in his 11° MiniFestival Cameristico (Italy).

1) The contest is open to all composers, regardless of their age or nationality;
2) Each composer has to send 1 or more scores for classic accordion (Category A) or for piano
(Category B). Multiple submissions are possible and each composer can partecipate in
both categories. There are selected two winners, one for Cat. A and one for Cat. B;
3) The use of different instruments or any electronic device it is not permitted ;
4) The composition(s) should be between 5-10 minutes in length;
5) We accept compositions which have been already performed but not published;
6) The submission deadline is the 6 January 2019;
7) The composers whose works will be chosen, are welcome to attend the concerts but their
presence is not mandatory. They are responsible to pay for their own accommodation and travel expenses;
8) Every style and musical language is admitted.
9) The publication bay Diaphonia Edizioni is a necessary condition to receive the prize;

In order to participate, please submit the following documents:
- A file in Word format containing the composer’s name, nationality, postal address
and e-mail address. A short description of the composition(s) should be included together
with the consent of processing the personal data, according to the Italian law. (You may
want to use this formula: “In compliance with the Italian legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30/06/2003, I hereby authorize you to use and process my personal details contained in this document.” with signature)
- A recent photo and a short biography (in English and/or in Italian)
- The proposed score(s) for consideration, in PDF only.
- A copy of the receipt of payment.
-All documents should be sent by e-mail at incontramusica@libero.it

FOR ANY INFO PLEASE CONTACT incontramusica@libero.it

6 Jan 2019
Euro (EUR)