2019 Oklahoma Youth Winds Composition Competition

The Oklahoma Youth Winds (OYW) is comprised of many of the most talented and dedicated wind, brass, and percussion students in the state of Oklahoma. The group has received numerous distinctions for their superior level of performance, including their most recent accolade as the choice Community Ensemble at the 2017 Oklahoma Music Educators Association Convention. The group’s primary conductor is Dr. Matthew Mailman, and he is assisted by Ms. Sarah Neely.

Every year, OYW holds a composition competition, and the winning work is performed at their final concert each year. The competition is for new, never publicly performed pieces of modest length (~7 minutes or less) composed at a grade 4 level. There are no entry fees, no limit to the number of pieces each composer may enter, and a $100 prize along with a recording of the performance. Inquiries should be directed to Caleb Mitchum at cmitchum@oyomusic.org.

10 Dec 2018