Winter Residency 2018/2019 | Rural Upstate NY

At Arts Letters & Numbers, composers and performers will be given their own space in which to write and create. All artists in residence live and work together on the same grounds, and as a result, silence and/or complete solitude cannot be guaranteed. However, in the spirit of creativity, all artists are encouraged to consider fellow artists’ needs to create a productive, vibrant space for different artforms to unfold. There are also ample opportunities to share your work with others (as you wish) and collaborate.

There is a concert grand Baldwin piano in the house, as well as an upright piano. Both instruments are available for individual practice and performances. Additionally, there are speakers scattered throughout the campus and sound systems that can be built in any given space. Any additional needs – instruments, gear, etc – should be brought by the artist.

We strive to cultivate a space that encourages collaborative and individual creation: to think, make, and act alongside others within a community. In the residency program, artists from all disciplines will be able to come together, ask and engage with their questions, and create and share work. When people are free to act, interact with, and support one another, new works and ideas emerge.

There are typically between 5 and 10 artists in residence at any given time. The artist pays for travel, food, and their supplies, in addition to the small residency fee. ALN provides housing and a kitchen, which artists may use at any time. Private and shared accommodations are available.

Additional facilities include performance spaces, studio spaces, library, living room, welding/woodworking/metal workshop and outdoor spaces.

At the end of residencies, artists are encouraged to arrange a performance/exhibition to present their work. ALN has a local community that supports these events.

For more information and to apply visit:

1 Nov 2018