A M O K - Call for Submissions and Proposals


Amok is a new experimental performance platform based in York, U.K.
Amok aims to platform new music works that push the boundaries of sound into other disciplines, such as theatre, performance art, audiovisual works, films, sound art and poetry.
Amok will create an environment for creative endeavours to be explored and unchained.
Amok should be seen as an opportunity to experiment.
Amok is a platform for those based in York, the U.K and potentially even further.

Submissions and proposals

Our first event will explore the relationship between the sublime, elegant and beautiful parts of human nature and the raw chaos of frenzy. Your pieces and proposals should somehow reflect an interaction between these two. This relationship can be a contradiction or a great pairing.


Pieces and proposals may be any length, or medium.
They must be in response to the above themes, by contrasting, comparing or reacting against the themes. This is open to your interpretation.
Amok will aim to programme all that is feasible.
Ideas which may not be possible due to the constraints of the space may be negotiated.

Works may be newly devised for this event however works that have been previously performed will also be considered.
The work has no other limitations except that it must contain some performative element.
Composers are not required to be present unless they are the performers of the piece.
Depending on the scale of the piece, some performers may be made available for staging although the composer may put forward performers they have worked with previously to be considered.

No fees can be afforded, although some travel expenses may be available.
Audio and video recordings of your piece will be provided. Amok reserves the right to share anything recorded to this end on social media up to one year after the performance without consultation. After one year Amok reserves the right to use anything recorded in this manner but will consult the original composer beforehand.

Submit pieces to amok.platform@gmail.com by 18th November 12pm GMT.
Selected pieces will be notified within a month of the closing date.

How to Submit

All submissions must be through this google form


Scores must be submitted as PDF’s. Live recordings are preferable over midi representations, but neither are required.
Proposals, ideas and collaborative suggestions must also be submitted as PDF’s.

The performance will take place in the beautiful Stained Glass Centre in York.
Further information about the space can be found here.


The performance will take place on the 6th February 2019.

To learn more about the space or to ask any questions, please email

18 Nov 2018