Tenebrae New Music @ Colorado College Student Call for Scores (Medium Difficulty)

Tenebrae New Music Ensemble is pleased to announce their 1st Composition Call for Scores (2019)!

Tenebrae New Music Ensemble is a student-led ensemble at Colorado College dedicated to the promotion of new music--both premiers and established works.

Eligibility/Further Information:
- All composers must be currently registered students, of any degree level from Bachelors through Doctorate,
in a music program as of January 2019.
- There is no application fee.
- Please right for any/all of the following instrumentation:
- 1 Flute
- 1 Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet
- 1 Trumpet
- 1 Trombone
- 1 Euphonium
- 1 Percussion
- 4 Violins
- 2 Violas
- 3 Cellos
- 1 Bass
- New arrangements/transcriptions of your own previous works are welcome.
- Pieces must be at least 3 minutes in length. The suggested maximum length is 8 minutes, works that are
longer than this will be considered equally, though if selected, may not be performed in their entirety due
to program length restrictions. Individual movement(s) of a larger work are welcome provided that they
meet the criteria listed above.
- Any composer with specific questions regarding technique, extended techniques, or instrument specific notation used in composing for this ensemble is encouraged. Contact director Grace Hale - grace.hale.2016@gmail.com.
- Please be sure to submit pieces of medium difficulty. If you’re not sure, please contact Grace Hale - grace.hale.2016@gmail.com.
- Pieces must be submitted, score and parts, in PDF format to grace.hale.2016@gmail.com by January 1st,
2019. Included with your piece please include a brief bio and resume detailing your current enrollment in a
collegiate music program in the United States.
- MIDI audio files of submissions are encouraged but not required.

1 Jan 2019
U.S. Dollar (USD)