WAV - Open Calls

WAV- Venice Audio- Visual Show welcomes you to the first year of celebrating music and audio-visual art forms from all over the world.
Our aim is to showcase and highlight local and international music videos, films, photos, and music compositions. We are eager to showcase groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas. We encourage artists to apply whose work strives to reformulate the way in which we think about arts today.

The event is organised in partnership with the European Cultural Centre (Venice) in a place of 270 000 locals and 30 million tourists each year. The showcase and the award ceremony will be held in Palazzo Michiel located in the heart of Venice facing the breathtaking Grand Canal. Thanks to this extraordinary environment the chosen artworks will be shared with an international audience for 7 days.

We accept music videos that are produced after the 01 Jan 2012.

We accept applications from any genre, as long as it is connected to music. Including narrative, documentary, experimental, video art, multimedia projects and any other crazy stuff. Films must not exceed 5 minutes in length and must be produced after 01 January 2012.

We accept photography that is connected to music. Such as dance or an event or a concert. Single photographs and/or a series of up to 3 pictures are accepted. There is no production time restriction for this category.

We encourage musicians and composers from any style to apply. Including jazz, techno, classical, pop, electronic. There is no production date or length restriction for this category.

To apply: http://www.movinglab.org/#wav-apply

23 Dec 2018
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