"1 hour COMPOSED" - Extemporary Music Theater Project

Are you a music composer? Are you able to write a music theater piece in just 1 hour or less?
"1 hour COMPOSED" is a call for scores oper to composers from all over the world. The piece has to be:
- written for 1 to 6 vocal performers (any range)
- no longer than 10'
- with or without piano
- composed in 1 hour or less

The last point it's up to you, but we are looking for theatrical ideas that can be rehearsed during a Laboratory of Music Theater for singers and vocal performers, with a focus on improvisation. Selected works will be premiered in the next editions of "Festival della Voce", in Castelspina (Alessandria - Italy).

– How it works, what I need to do?

The vocal performers of this call for scores (from solo to 6 elements, any range you want) will be young professionals or students of singing (belcanto-trained) attending a laboratory of Contemporary Music Theater during Festival della Voce in Castelspina (Alessandria – Italy). The music component can be simple, notated in conventional or unconventional notations (also using drawings and guided improvisation boxes). If you want you can use also piano (one pianist available).
Our mission for this laboratory is to ask singers to be not only musicians, but also actors, and to be open to contemporary suggestions. Every piece that ask them to work on stage relations is well-come: that’s why we are encouraging composers to write without thinking to much and with a focus on theatrical ideas.

More info: https://vimeo.com/297049493

15 Nov 2018