the International Choral Composition Competition Japan 2019

The International Choral Organization of Tokyo announces the International Choral Composition Competition Japan 2019 (ICCC Japan 2019), the aim of which is to promote choral music through the creation of new and innovative choral repertoire.
Participation is open to composers of any nationality and any age, whether professional or amateur.

【Award / Commendation】
The composer of the winning work will receive a prize of 100,000 Japanese Yen and a diploma. The composer of the works in 2nd and 3rd place will receive a diploma. The winning work will be published by Pana Musica Co., Ltd. Following recommendation by the jury, there may be a possibility that the work in 2nd and 3rd place would also be published. From these award winning works, the set piece of the 3rd Tokyo International Choir Competition (to be held in 2020) will be selected.

【Privilege for Award Winners】
The premiere performance of the awarded works will be made by The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo, conducted by Ko Matsushita. The announcement and performance will be web broadcasted worldwide via YouTube LIVE.

【Jury Members】
The jury will be consisted by the members below:
Chief Jury:Vytautas Miškinis(LR)
Jury:Bob Chilcott (UK),Rihards Dubra (LV), Reijo Kekkonen(FIN), Takatomi Nobunaga(JP)

The Artistic Committee will support the juries.
Artistic Director: Ko Matsushita (JP)

【Application Rule】
The ICCC Japan 2019 is dedicated to choral compositions defined, written and stated as below:

・ SATB a capella, basically each voice must not be divided, except when fulfilling the condition as follows: a maximum of two division per one voice, and the length of the divided section being around 10 % of the whole work. No accompaniment including percussion and bodywork is allowed.
・ The work must stand on its own and should not be in the form of a suite, i.e. consisted of multiple pieces.
・ Duration: 2 to 3 minutes.
・ Text: Latin and English (or mixed Latin & English) only, contents may be either sacred or profane. If the text is not in public domain, a written statement by the author or copyright holder for the use of the text must be attached to the entry e-mail.

【Application Format】
・ State the performance duration on the top of the 1st page of the score.
・ Format: PDF, made from Finale, Sibelius, or a similar scorewriting program.
・ If possible, attach the MP3 audio file extracted from the scorewriting program via online storage (ex. Google Drive or Drop Box) when submitting the work.
・ Do not state the composer’s name anywhere on the score. If there is an author of the text, the name of the author shall be clearly stated. The original text and its English or Japanese translation should be attached to the score.

The initial judgment will be done by mid-May 2019. The title of the qualifying compositions of the initial judgment will be published on the ICCC Japan website. The final judgment will follow, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd award winning works along with the work to be published will be determined around mid-June 2019. There will be no public announcement of the results until as stated below, however the award winners will be individually notified via e-mail.

【Announcement of Award Winners】
The results will be announced during the Karuizawa International Choral Festival 2019. Announcement is to be held on 25th August 2019 at Karuizawa Ohga Hall. Exact date and time will be announced on the ICCC Japan website or Facebook page.

【Important Notes before Submission】
・ The work must not been performed, awarded nor published before. A declaration that the work fulfills this condition (any format is allowed) must be submitted.
・ A participant can apply as many works as wanted. One entry form for each work must be filled.
・ Upon the awarded works that will be published, the copyright and publishing rights belong to Pana Musica Co., Ltd.
・ Participation in the competition implies full knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.
・ The jury’s decision is final.
・ For works selected as a set piece of the 3rd Tokyo International Choir Competition, its composer must arrange the work for TTBB, SSA (or SSAA).

【Documents Required for Submission】 * submit to before the deadline
1. Composed work (which clearly state the performance time and does not state the name of the composer, in PDF format)
2. Original text and the English or Japanese translation of the text (no format restrictions)
3. Declaration that the work has not been performed, awarded nor published before (no format restrictions)
4. Permission from the text author if the text is not in public domain (no format restrictions)

【Reference Information】
International Choral Composition Competition Japan website:
Tokyo International Choir Competition website:
Karuizawa International Choral Festival website:

31 Mar 2019
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