I have an idea for a show. Now what?

Excited about a new workshop, offered in the spring 2019 semester.
It’s called: I have an idea for a show. Now what? It is about how to put together a show from start to finish.
While having a great idea IS great – it’s just that: an idea unless you have the tools to propel it forward to its completion, which is often, but not always, a live, public performance.
There are so many moving parts that go into the process. It can be confusing or intimidating.
I have produced and co-produced, written or co-written many shows, from one-woman shows to large-scale festivals with a 100 + participants. The goal of this 13-week course is to help you understand the processes and prevent you from making the same mistakes I have made and learned from and to get you closer to your dream of sharing your idea with the world.
We will cover everything from conceiving to writing, promoting, fundraising, casting, rehearsing, presenting, following up and more.
The course will meet on Monday evenings, starting January 21st, 5 – 7 PM at my home studio in Harlem, in the signature Paracademia style: ‘casual in format, but not in content’.
Small group (up to 6 people). E-mail me at milica@paracademia.com for more information or to sign up.

10 May 2019
U.S. Dollar (USD)