Gathering Starflowers: A work for 2 pianos by Chris Gordon

This is an experimental proposal which, if successful, will effect a collaboration between the composer of Gathering Starflowers (Chris Grodon) and prospective performers (2 pianists).

At this stage it is an ‘invitation to treat’ and, therefore, it is not a binding offer to any initial applicant(s). A binding offer will be made by the composer (Chris Gordon) when the conditions outlined below are fully satisfied. The composer (Chris Gordon) reserves the right to reject any proposal which he considers falls short of the conditions specified herein.

I am seeking pianists to perform my 2 piano work, Gathering Starflowers, in concerts or recitals in order to establish it as part of recognised repertoire.

Having said that, I realise that arranging concerts for 2 pianos is expensive and, sometimes, difficult. Therefore, I am prepared to contribute (grant) the sum of $100 for each of 5 concerts (that is: $100 for each verifiable concert) contributing to the cost of, for example, hiring a venue or renting a second piano. A digital keyboard with acceptably realistic piano sound, a minimum of 7 and 1/4 octaves, with a minimum of 2 pedals (soft and sustain) would also be acceptable if it helps to cut down costs.

There may be scope to increase the fee paid in future. If $100 does not seem very much to offer established piano duo performers, please let me know the minimum contribution you are seeking together with verifiable information about the venue you are planning to use and the prospective audience anticipated (for instance: a concert hall seating 250; expected audience 150; ticket price $7.50/$5.00 for concessions}. I will then be in a position to make a ‘customised offer’ for a performance of Gathering Starflowers included in your program(me).

I am willing for current college or university students/graduates students to take on this challenge, perhaps arranging concerts on their own campuses if this is possible and/or allowed. Please note that the fee will not be paid merely if Gathering Starflowers is rehearsed or read-through, at sight or not, even if an (invited) audience is present. It must be performed as part of a verifiable concert for which an entry fee (minimum $5.00) has been paid. Therefore, the cost of entry to the concert will be part of the verifiable information sought from those applying for the $100 contribution. If the concert is to take place at an educational establishment (e.g. school, college or university) which does not allow students to charge for concerts, then please inform me of this when applying for my contribution (grant).

Gathering Starflowers is full of interest and I am certain that it would generate a lot of comment from audiences. For this reason, I hope that pianists will at least request a copy of the score provided in order to try it out. If Gathering Starflowers does not then appeal, they need not take the matter further. If, however, pianists find the work intriguing and engaging, then the offer of $100 for a verifiable recital/concert performance will be honoured. The fee will be paid, upon suitable verification that a concert has been given, by Paypal. Verification could be in the form of a short video/audio recording of the whole (or part) of Gathering Starflowers being played, a certified genuine programme note, a review of the concert mentioning Gathering Starflowers in a newspaper, journal or magazine. (These are just a few examples - other possibilities may also be acceptable).

As you will read in the ‘model’ program(me) note mentioned below, this 2 piano work is part of a larger work (a melodrama) for narrator, soprano (or alto) voice and 2 pianos, with spoken texts and a few ‘dramatic scenes’ and a folk/rock ballad called ‘The Ballad of Poor Max’ which is also available at The core of this melodrama is a scene in which I imagine the dialogue between Eberhart Starch (Hardy) and Phillip Scherbaum (Flip) outside Kempinski’s Hotel in Kurfürstendamm, (then) in West Berlin. For more information, see the notes on

Important Information

Please ensure that you have an established Paypal account in order to receive funds from me.

You can contact me at You can use this email address to request a copy of the score which you have my permission to copy (once) for the second pianist to use. If you have any questions about the offer, please feel free to email before you decide to take part. I am always open to ideas and suggestions you may have, too. I can also help with suggestions of other 2 piano works which you can program(me) in a recital/concert, if this is helpful to you. Please note: all communication will be by email to/from

Here is a short autobiography which you can use in program(me) notes and publicity material:

Chris Gordon is a talented composer and arranger. He is best known for his inventive, imaginative and beautifully written music for wind instruments published by Janus Music, Cool Wind Music (England) and Universal Edition (Vienna). He has also written serious works including music for wind ensemble, saxophone ensemble, piano solo, two pianos, and songs.

His arrangement for strings of Alban Berg's early song, An Leukon (1907), is published by Universal Edition, Vienna (Berg's publishers). An Leukon was performed at the 2007 BBC Proms by the American opera diva, Renée Fleming, with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gianandrea Noseda at a BBC Promenade Concert on 6 August 2007. Three more early Berg song orchestrations have been published by Universal Edition AG, Vienna and 2 of these (Die Sorglichen and Schließe mir die Augen beide) have been performed by lyric soprano, Lisa Larsson with various orchestras in England, The Netherlands and in Germany.

Chris lives in London, England.

You will find a link to the Sheet Music Press page for it below. Please note that I will send a copy of the score free of charge (by email) to any genuine piano duo or pianist who contacts me to request one. The price shown on the SMP Press page for Gathering Starflowers does therefore not apply. It applies to commercial sales only. You will see also that the SMP Press page includes a brief note about Gathering Starflowers plus a 'model' program(mme) note:

31 Jul 2019