Call for compositions in which the parameters of generation and/or performance of the score are entrusted to an algorithmic process. Only acousmatic, live electronics and instrumental works will be considered.

April 1st, 2019

V.E.R-V. continues with the fifth rendez-vous. Emerging or affirmed artists are invited to submit original works related to the proposed concept. The event will take place in the concert hall of the Conservatoire of Venice on April 15th, 2019.

There is no participation fee;
the maximum length of the works is 8 minutes;
only acousmatic, live electronics and instrumental works will be considered;
the organization provides, in addition to the equipment listed below, technical assistance;
selection criteria are based on the quality of the work and the link to the concept.


Send a single .zip file (archive) to info.verv@gmail.com. The ZIP file must be named as follows: (Name_Surname_Title).
This shall contain:

A short biography and contact information;
description of the submitted work (title, year and performing roles);
flowchart of the algorithm used;
score (if present and needed);
STEREO version (.wav) at 48 kHz of the proposed composition;
single MONO audio files (.wav) at 48 kHz related to each channel for the proposed diffusion set (see “Space and speakers placement”);
detailed tech rider.

Files that do not respect the instructions given will not be taken into consideration.

The selected files and compositions will become part of the V.E.R-V. archives and may be used for promotional purposes.

1 Apr 2019