Habitat: Home Call for NYC Artists & Performers

“Habitat: Home” is a nationwide project addressing current civic unrest through collaborative art-making across cultural and geographic lines. Local artists create music, poetry, theater, video/light sculpture, and/or dance that reflects their perspectives and conversations exploring the concept of 'home’; the resulting multi-disciplinary pieces are shared in full-length, free programs performed in collaboration with local ensembles. The ultimate goals of “Habitat: Home” are to highlight underrepresented voices and build empathy across America.

Two kickoff “Habitat: Home” performances are scheduled in New York City for October 19 & 20, 2019, at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Harlem and The First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn.

In anticipation of the performances, collaborators will meet at least 5 times between March 1-Sept 30, 2019, operating not only as individual cultural producers from diverse backgrounds but also as a newly-formed community where issues of identity, belonging, and human responsibility can be discussed safely and expressed freely through art:

• In initial workshops, we will learn about collaborative principles and styles, set expectations for treating each other with respect and trust, and explore the assumptions, motivations, and goals each artist brings to the project. We will examine and agree on ways to highlight personal narratives while promoting cooperative goals, and decide on teams and creative plans which may incorporate non-artistic sources like ethnographic family interviews, historical documentation, or current news.

• Throughout March-Sept, artists will work in teams of 2-4, collaborating to create pieces to premiere at the performance. Check-in meetings with the full group will provide space for requested feedback and support on obstacles.
We are committed to working with diverse collaborators and audiences, especially underrepresented populations such as the LGBTQIA community, girls and women, people of color, immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities, and disenfranchised religious groups. Artists from all 5 boroughs of New York City are encouraged to apply!

If you are an interested New York City artist, send an email to collaborate@habitathome.us with the following:

Who You are:
- Your name
- Your title (i.e. your discipline or artistic role)
- Your photo
- Your phone number
- Your website URL (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc. is fine if you don’t have your own website with media on it)
- Optional: Your age and other demographic information for inclusivity purposes
- Optional: Your CV or resume

Your Interest:
- A concise written blurb explaining your interest in participating (1-3 brief paragraphs)
- Optional: Names and URL of any other artists, performers, or ensembles you may want to bring into the project

Your Work:
- Submit a maximum of 2 works, in the form of video/audio links or files, that exemplify your unique voice as an artist or performer – even better if these pieces highlight your collaborative skills or interests. (For example, if you are a composer hoping to work with a dancer, you may send video of dancers dancing to your music, or if unavailable, audio samples of music exemplifying what you’d like to compose for dancers.)
- Optional: If you wish, you may attach scores, diagrams, press materials, and so on to inform whatever you’d like us to know about you as we consider your submission.

Please Note:

*Your full name & the title of your work sample(s) should be included in your email’s subject line and the filenames of your work samples.

*Any files exceeding 20MB should be sent via a file transfer service (Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.).

*Incomplete applications may not be considered. Feel free to email collaborate@habitathome.us with any questions before submitting.

*You must live in one of the 5 boroughs of New York City to take part in this pilot project. If you are interested but live elsewhere in the U.S., feel free to email collaborate@habitathome.us to get the conversation started!

Submit your awesome application by February 15, 2019! Artists will be notified of selections by March 15, 2019.

Feel free to email collaborate@habitathome.us!

15 Feb 2019