Music transcriber, engraver, copyist, typesetter available for hire

Hi, my name is Georgia Seddon, and I work as Pitch Perfect - a music transcription and typesetting service based in Glasgow, Scotland. I use perfect pitch to transcribe music from audio into professionally typeset scores, as well as copying it from handwritten manuscripts. I am also an arranger and composer. My credentials include a Masters degree and a BAHons in Music (including a First in Harmony and Aural Skills), both from Newcastle University; and a pass with Distinction from my ABRSM Grade 8 piano examination.
Clients may choose between Sibelius and Musescore; rates are £25 per hour of work for Musescore, and £30 per hour for Sibelius; £15/hour of editing using Musescore, and £20/hour for Sibelius.
For more information, please visit, or email
Many thanks!

British Pound (GBP)