Composition Competition for Shakuhachi SERIES 2

Hello fellow Composers,
This is a composition competition/call-for-scores to write a new work for Shakuhachi(traditional Japanese flute). This competition was held two years ago in April of 2017. Originally, I had the intention of commissioning one composer. Walked always with three different composers’ incredible works from around the world (London, U.K., Beijing, China, and Illinois, USA). I am excited to announce the second round for this competition 2019-20.

The call for scores is simple and easy. Please send one or two score(s) of your work(s)that best represents you, emailed to shawnheadmusic (at) gmail (dot) com alongwith a $10 submission fee to the same email, via PayPal (the total must be$10 USD).

There will be a small honorarium (to be determined). The deadline for submission will be December 31st, 2019

Upon receiving the commission your will receive a variety of material on shakuhachi range, techniques, notation, and provide a private one-on-one lesson, via Skype or Google Hangouts, about shakuhachi and to go over different materials.
Above is a link to a work that I composed for shakuhachi. This will give you an idea of the extended techniques and color capabilities of the flute. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

I look forward to seeing everyone's works, and hopefully performing a new one!

~~~Commissioned works selected recordings~~~

"Gankyoku I, II, and III" for shakuhachi, composed by A.I. (G.A.N.), Omar Peracha

Sky Above, Great Wind – Bo Li

Song of Autumn – Hsin-Jung Tsai

余韻(echo) for solo shakuhachi - Eric Charnofsky

~~~Last Commissioned Composer Update~~~

Eric Charnofsky

of Case Western Reserve University

"Echo" - for Solo Shakuhachi

Gabriel Lubell

"Song of the Little Owls" for Shakuhachi and Bassoon

Omar Peracha

"Gankyoku I, II, and III" for shakuhachi, composed by A.I. (G.A.N.)

Chapman Welch

of Rice University

"Antenna" - for Shakuhachi and Electronics

Aaron Beilish

"Six Meditation, EyeMusic" for Shakuhachi and String Quartet

Bo Li

of UMKC (University of Kansas City)

"Sky Above, Great Wind." Shakuhachi and Piano

David Vayo

of Illinois Wesleyan University,

TBA - for Shakuhachi and Cello

Hsin-Jung Tsai (3x commission)

TBA Harp and Shakuhachi work

"Empty Cicada Shell" - for solo shakuhachi

"Song of Autumn" - Solo Shakuhachi

Deadline: December 2019 Entry Fee: 10.00 Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)

For composers who send works already written for shakuhachi...

Works submitted with shakuhachi parts or for solo shakuhachi are recommended to be sent. Winning works will be bought at composers score sale price and receive a performance and recording.

Past Winners

1) Miki Saito - "Stillness"

31 Dec 2019
U.S. Dollar (USD)