Breath Mark Retreat

----------The Breath Mark Retreat has the collaboration of a music festival and the focus and intimacy of a creative artist residency.----------

Breath Mark is a three-day retreat for poets, COMPOSERS, and performers (adults 21+) to rest, relax, find inspiration, have meaningful discussions, learn, and put on a collaborative musical performance.(Composers will receive recordings of their work.)

****** By choosing this retreat, you will develop the soft skills that will set you a part from all of the other technically proficient authors, composers, and performers. ******

Rather than a fast-paced workshop, our retreat will give artists time out from their busy schedules while still making connections and creating art.
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Many workshops, festivals, school programs, and conferences are rigorous, competitive, and sometimes even exhausting. People outside creative fields do not know how stressful our work can be. While they are correct that music can be relaxing and fun, being a professional author, composer, or performer is often taxing--mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. Many programs mentioned above do help us to get technically better at our craft, but ironically, they can also deplete us of our creative energy.

Participants will spend a relaxing weekend:
-mingling with other artists
-nourishing their creative selves
-practicing mindfulness with meditative improvisation
-being active with walks and yoga
-maintaining sustenance with healthy foods and community
-learning with discussions about collaborations & audience building
-having fun and finding inspiration with creative activities
-developing musically with collaborative rehearsals
-sharing their work with the public

^^^Check out what the 2018 BMR AUDIENCE had to say:

Note: You don't need to have any experience with yoga or meditation. This retreat is designed to introduce you to many different techniques and tactics that you can build into your life to keep your creative energy flowing. Choose what works best for you.

Breath Mark Retreat is about COLLABORATION, not competition! Therefore, applicants will be accepted based on how their mission or goals, their instrument or authenticity of their poetic/compositional voice, and experience levels harmonize with the other applicants.

Early bird application fee only $5--apply before April 1st!
Retreat takes place October 3-5, 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri.
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31 May 2019
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