Compositions including video, audio, graphics, text and other nontraditional notational methods of scoring, as well as improvisatory elements.

Power Trio:
Håkon Berre – Drumkit, Percussion
Liudas Mockūnas – Saxophone (soprano, tenor, and bass)
Arnas Mikalkėnas – Accordion, Piano, and Drums

Length: up to 10 minutes.
Deadline: April 26th
Application Method: Score and Performance Directions
Entries must be labelled: FREE MUSIC and sent to
Works selected by the trio will be performed and recorded at the "Druskomanija" festival May 2019.

About the trio:
The Power Trio of two Lithuanians and a Norewgian was established in 2013 made it‘s debut with a tour in Baltic, Scandinavian countries and Czcheck Republic. In 2017 trio released there first album “Plunged”. The music balanceses between fields of composed, free impro, rock and new academic music played with a lot of energy and power.

26 Apr 2019