VISUAL MUSIC // "Druskomanija" festival


Composers are invited to write works for the accordion ensemble focused around the visual elements (i.e., ensemble and electronics, video, movement, etc.).

Instruments: 1-5 Accordions
Duration: 7-10 mininutes

Submission deadline: April 19th
Application Method: Score (in .pdf format), midi/mp3 audio example, performances notes
Entries must be labelled: VISUL MUSIC and sent to
Works selected by the performer will be performed and recorded at the "Druskomanija" festival May 2019.

The Lithuanian based ensemble are specialists in modern music, this was born from the very nature of the ensemble. In 2013, the ensemble featured in the contemporary music festival Druskomanija and the ensemble developed the ACCOpremjeros became the focus of the 16th International Accordion Festival. The ensemble is directed by Raimondas Sviackevičius.

ContemporACCO is a modern experimental accordion music ensemble. The ensemble is made up of highly talented musicians who are advocates of high quality music as well as striving to show off what the contemporary accordion is capable of.

ContemporACCO – an ensemble striving to break the stereotypes of the accordion. The accordion is one of the best tools for contemporary music. One of the main aims of the ensemble is to show off the various possibilities of the ensemble; and when combined with the ideas of composers aim to produce truly distinctive ideas.

ContemporACCO is unique on many various layers. The compositions vary in ensemble size (from two to eleven accordionists), adapting the size for every single piece. The ensemble repertoire is constructed of purely original works – choosing to avoid transcriptions and arrangements. The ensemble is driven by young performers further cementing the relationship between composers and promoting new works and native composers. The ensemble strives to support the contemporary music community, always open to innovation and new challenges to achieve creative breakthroughs that have the potential to further push Lithuanian music.

We advise composers consult with the performers on extended techniques, ranges, etc.

Ensemble director -

19 Apr 2019