Serbian New Music Ensemble "Gradilište" seeks works of young American composers

Who are we:
Ansambl Gradilište, a Serbian ensemble for new music, founded in 2011 and Theodore Teichman, an American composer on fellowship in Serbia.

We are putting together a project of new American works for Pierrot ensemble with voice (with video projection if desired) to be performed in Belgrade, Serbia in May or June 2019.

Unfortunately, our budget is very low so there is not really an option of a commission or honorarium for composers, but the composers will be given an international premiere and a high quality recording.

We are interested in experimental and unconventional works related to themes of
voicing self
performance as critique

(however other themes are accepted)

Works may be up to 25 minutes in length and they may include extramusical or theatrical elements. Experimentation is encouraged.

For the call, please submit a score, a recording (if available), and a short description of the work (optional, but encouraged).

Emails, questions, and submissions may be sent to

30 Apr 2019