Akron Symphonic Winds Copley Bicentennial Composition Competition

The Akron Symphonic Winds is a 37 person professional Wind Ensemble. We are seeking a new piece to Celebrate the Bicentennial of the Township of Copley, Ohio.

Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble

Format: Please email scores and parts in pdf format to akronsymphonicwinds@gmail.com
Entry Fee: $10 (through PayPal on our website)

PRIZE: Performance of the work by the Akron Symphonic Winds and video recordings of the work.

The following history of Copley is given to guide your composition:

What was once a rural community on the 1891 Northern Ohio Railway line with a mill, blacksmith and a general store is now a bustling suburban community with many thriving businesses and excellent schools. Copley was named after the founding pioneer’s wife whose maiden name was given as that of the town. The diversity of the community helps to define its culture with many multi-generational families providing a rich heritage and many new, young families looking to its bright future. Township leaders have adopted a purposeful revitalization approach to community and economic development looking to “preserve our past” while “securing our future”. The town’s heart was broken in 2012 as a mass shooting occurred in a quiet neighborhood in Copley Township, killing 7 people, the youngest being a 7 year old boy. Even in one of the darkest moments of this community, the residents pulled together and showed care and comfort, pulling their community back together and helping each other heal. This is truly a beautiful town, with beautiful residents who care deeply for their community.

30 Apr 2019
U.S. Dollar (USD)