Lansing Symphony Orchestra Composer-in-Residence

Lansing Symphony Orchestra Composer-in-Residence 2019 to 2022 Program & Application Information
The Lansing Symphony’s Composer-in-Residence program is a three-year residency that focuses on the collaborative work between the composer, the orchestra, and the community with the goal of developing transformative experiences for all. A three-year residency provides a rare opportunity for extended involvement between the composer and the community through performances of the composer’s existing works, creation of new works, guidance of other new music offerings, and significant interaction with the community at large. It is our hope and belief that all involved will realize long-term artistic benefits from this partnership.
Responsibilities and Opportunities
 A work by the composer-in-residence will be featured on the opening and closing MasterWorks concerts of the initial season (2019-2020), with at least one other work on each following season. Works could also appear on the Lansing Symphony Chamber Music Series. At least one of the works will be written during the residency and premiered by the LSO in the final season (2021-2022).
 The composer will offer at least one symposium annually for area composers on a topic of his/her choosing.
 The composer will participate in rehearsals with the LSO of his/her works and attend the performances to address the audience and participate in the pre-concert talk.
 The composer will be available for appearances on local lecture platforms, media appearances, speak at service organizations, and work with area universities and public schools.
 The Composer-in-Residence will also serve as curator, along with Music Director, of all new music offerings by other composers during his/her tenure.
 The composer will receive constructive feedback from the LSO Music Director, LSO musicians, and the audience. The latter will occur during a post-concert “talkback” reception following each performance of the composer’s works.
Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s Composer-in-Residence Program is made possible in part by the Sam and Mary Austin Fund for New Music at the Lansing Symphony.
 The composer will need to be in Lansing, Michigan for approximately eight (8) days per season (September – May).
 The composer will write a new work for full orchestra the duration of which will be between 10 and 20 minutes. This work will receive its world premiere by the LSO within the 3-year residency.
Award and Compensation
The composer will receive an honorarium of $7,500 per season along with round trip airfare to Lansing, lodging and ground transportation for all responsibilities pertaining to the residency. The honorarium is inclusive of all engagements related to the residency, any rental and/or purchase fees of existing works performed during the residency, and the commission of the one new work during the residency.
Applicants must be United States citizen.
The application period for the 2019 – 2022 program is now open. The deadline for consideration is May 1, 2019.
Application Process
Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of the LSO Music Director, two guest composers, and at least one member musician of the Lansing Symphony Orchestra. Other committee members may be added at the discretion of the LSO Music Director.
Applicants must submit the following for consideration:
1) Proof of U.S. Citizenship (copies of any one of the following: birth certificate, passport, or Social Security card).
2) Resumé and a list of three professional references who are familiar with applicant’s music.
3) List of repertoire that applicant has composed, indicating which have been performed along with performing organization(s) and date of performance(s).
Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s Composer-in-Residence Program is made possible in part by the Sam and Mary Austin Fund for New Music at the Lansing Symphony.
4) Three to five scores representing applicant’s work; at least two of which should be orchestral.
5) Up to three audio recordings of original compositions.
6) Supplemental materials are welcome such as reviews and newspaper articles.
7) A 2-4 page (double-spaced) essay on the composer’s role and relevance in modern society. Please address not only why music and new music are relevant, but how we, as musicians, can stimulate interest in our art form.
8) $50.00 non-refundable application fee payable to Lansing Symphony Orchestra.
Attn.: Composer-in-Residence Program
104 S .Washington Square, Suite 300
Lansing, Michigan 48933
Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s Composer-in-Residence Program is made possible in part by the Sam and Mary Austin Fund for New Music at the Lansing Symphony.

1 May 2019
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