Call for original musical scores for solo Concert Clarinet in B flat

Call for original musical scores for solo Concert Clarinet in B flat

Composers from all over the world are invited to submit their original compositions for solo Clarinet in B flat. There is no age limit for eligibility to send in pieces. Works can be in any style, scores handwritten or produced by a computer program. Personal style, freedom and creativity in the compositional process are highly appreciated.

Composers can explore various ways of musical expression and sound art by using the clarinet as instrument for highly original music of any style. Freedom of music for Clarinet as an expressive means for expressing musical sound or sound as art are wanted and the composers are free to use the Clarinet in personal ways of musical expression.

Professional clarinetist and multi instrumentalist Patrick Ananta Sutardjo, specializing in contemporary music, improvisation and graphic scores, concert soloist graduate from the Karlsruhe University of Music, will choose a selection of pieces to be performed in one or more concerts in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in September and October 2019 and record the works in a professional recording studio in high quality the recordings to be sent as CD or mpg3 to the selected composers.

The Clarinet he uses is a German Concert Clarinet in B flat. Different reed strengths can be used for various sounds, tones, intonations, multiphonics or sound effects.

Compositions should be from a minimum of ca. 1 minutes to a maximum of ca. 15 minutes in duration.

If you would like to submit your original solo Clarinet piece, send an eMail to:

with your full name, score attached as pdf, a short program note for your piece and a statement of approval for your submitted work to be your original work and giving unconditional permission for Patrick Ananta Sutardjo to play the piece/s in concerts and record them.

The entry fee for this call for scores is 25 Euros for each individual composition submitted to be payed via paypal. At reception of the application eMail with full name of the composer, pdf score/s of the original composition, program note/s and statement of approval a paypal invoice eMail will be sent to the composer who submitted his/ her piece for payment of the complete entry fee to be made via paypal. If other methods of payment are required for your convenience, please specify in your application eMail.

Selected composers will be notified via eMail and should send their mailing address to:
if they wish to receive a CD recording of their composition. Mpg3 sound files of the studio recording of the selected compositions are sent via eMail to the composers if selected for performance and recording of their piece/s if wished for.

Composers are welcome to send in more than one work for consideration. Works for solo Clarinet in B flat with electronics are also welcome.

If scores do not conform to quality standards in terms of original authenticity and good playability, Patrick Ananta Sutardjo reserves the right to not select, perform and record them.

The submission deadline is August 15, 2019.

15 Aug 2019
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