SoundWebs Microcommissions

SoundWebs is a series of events that explores the intersection of wordless sounds and wordless music.

These events will take place in May and June of 2019, and participants will be invited to listen deeply in creative ways. As part of that, we're performing a series of microcommissions at each event.

Commissioned composers will be assigned a public space in Cincinnati and an ensemble to work with. They'll be asked to create a space-specific work that is an impactful part of the event.

We're commissioning up to 6 composers, each of whom will get a $500 commission fee and be given 4-6 weeks to create their works.

Priority deadline to apply is Monday, April 15th.

More information at

*Because microcommissions should be space-specific, and because composers will likely need to work directly with performers, we imagine composers will primarily come from Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Composers outside the area are welcome to apply if they feel it is appropriate.

15 Apr 2019