Global Summer Institute of Music

The Global Summer Institute of Music is delighted to celebrate its 6th anniversary in summer 2019. GSIM is an intensive summer program that aims to bring talented young musicians from different cultures to eclectic Richmond and the vibrant campus of VCU. In keeping with university’s mission for diversity and innovation, the institute aspires to foster a unique environment for global cultural learning through artistic exchange. The institute provides valuable feedback from multiple faculty while simultaneously allowing for immersive instrumental experiences in a supportive environment. Participants enroll in activities such as daily music lessons, master classes, workshops, concerts, English language groups, cultural discovery sessions and an excursion to Washington, D.C., the nation’s capitol.

During July 28 - August 9, 2019, the composition program will include activities as following:

- Daily group seminars with all composers and faculty, topics include composing for contemporary concert, film and multimedia
- Private, 1-on-1 instruction for composition participants
- Lectures by faculty and guest composers on their music
- On-site composition projects, resulting in performances and recordings of participants’ works

Applicants could apply through the website (, or contact at:

31 May 2019