Composing for Percussion 2019


Composing for Percussion 2019 will be hosted in NYC from Friday November 22nd through Sunday November 24th. Over the course of the weekend, selected composer fellows and student composers will have the opportunity to explore new sounds within a hands-on approach to writing for percussion. Each fellow/student will learn about the unique sounds of percussion timbres as well as bring a new piece of music to life over the workshop weekend.


Each composer fellow/student will have dedicated rehearsal time with the members of Cisum Percussion over the workshop weekend. These rehearsals are a time to explore the pieces they’ve written and fine tune some small details about their music before a public showing of their work.


Several masterclasses will be hosted throughout the workshop weekend with a focus on techniques when writing for percussion. With a combination of Cisum members as well as guest speakers (to be announced) the composer fellows/students will have the opportunity to learn about percussion notation, be hands on with our instruments, and hear from leading professionals within the industry. Past guest speakers include composer Dave Molk and Ian Rosenbaum of Sandbox Percussion.

Open Readings

Cisum Percussion will host an open reading of all student composer works that will be filmed/recorded for archival purposes after the workshop. These readings will be paired with a masterclass/Q&A discussing problems and solutions when writing for percussion.

World Premieres

Cisum Percussion will host a performance of all fellow composer works that will be filmed/recorded for archival purposes after the workshop. This performance will be a culmination of all the rehearsals and masterclasses throughout the workshop weekend.


Eligible applicants must currently reside in the United States.

There are no age restrictions for applicants.

Submissions DO NOT need to be anonymous, please leave all names and information on the score.

Submitted documents, scores and audio must be hosted through an online hosting service with a link that will not expire (Example: Dropbox, Google Drive, Etc.). Be prepared to have these links ready on the application page.

Required submission materials include:

Name and contact e-mail

1 - 2 page resume / bio (in one pdf file)

2 - 3 score samples (pdf)
Submitted scores may be of any chamber instrumentation. Although scores that use percussion are encouraged, this is not necessary to receive a fellow position. The goal is to work with both composers who have experience writing for percussion and those who do not.

2 - 3 audio samples (mp3 or wav)
Submitted audio samples must match the submitted scores. Although MIDI is accepted, we highly recommend the use of live recordings.

Deadline for submissions is July 1st, 2019. No late or incomplete submissions will be reviewed.

Selected Composer Fellows Tuition: $300
Selected Student Composer Tuition: $150

1 Jul 2019
U.S. Dollar (USD)