Flute Solo/Flute and Piano/Flute and Electronics works - call for scores

Hi world,

This is a call for scores from Melbourne flautist, Sean Quinn. Sean is looking for new works for the flute that test the boundaries of notation and explore avenues for the extended side of techniques. Use techniques such as multiphonics and microtones - these are required in order to be considered for performance.

The works submitted should not have been recorded, nor should they be published or previously performed. The works should have 'dedicated to Sean X. Quinn' inscribed on them.

Not all works will be performed, but this is not a competition; Sean will keep them on file to play in the future. There will be no payment for this process, but a recording may be given

We hope to hear from you all soon!

email: quinn.sean.music@gmail.com

Please send PDFs of the scores. An optional MP3 of the work may be sent - or you may like to make a mock-up of the work.

Follow all these instructions and you'll be successful.

- sq