Atemporánea Festival

Atemporánea emerges at the “Astor Piazzolla” Conservatory of Music of Buenos Aires City, to centralize the production and interpretation of current music. It's open to musicians, composers, researchers and specialists in pedagogy from all over the country and abroad.

The Festival is projected to favour the creation, audition and diffusion of multiple artistic tendencies, it also promotes new productions of various musical and sound art specialities, and interact with performers, composers, educators and researchers.
The purpose of the different calls of works is to promote internationally the plurality of aesthetics and manifestations of contemporary acoustic, electroacoustic, mixed and interdisciplinary music through activities such as concerts, conferences, round tables, workshops and installations.

The Festival's mission is to disseminate the Institutional musical activity, which promotes education and updating through interaction with professional artists and new generations of national and international scene. This opening is an impetus to extend the image of the Conservatory, through the various superior careers that comprise it, throughout our country and abroad.

Deadline for submission: July 15, 2019

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15 Jul 2019