ABLAZE RECORDS—Composer Portrait Series

We would very much like to hear from you if you are interested in releasing a disc of only your own compositions.

At ABLAZE we will work with you to fulfill your ideals for a disc of your compositions. We are committed to very high audio and art quality in our releases and would look forward to working with you to plan and design your disc.

We have worked with numerous composers on tremendous new releases of their work. Each composer's needs and requirements for their disc is different. We can do anything you need and are ready to record anything you require in order to realize your portrait recordings to the highest quality.


Contact us today to discuss the prospect of creating your new portrait CD recordings. We can also issue hard copies in a number of other formats than CD! Just let us know your requirements and we can do it for you!

"I also give my kudos to Ablaze Records for sound quality but, more importantly, the commitment to new music that their company represents."
—Audiophile Audition

To apply: https://www.ablazerecords.net/submissions

U.S. Dollar (USD)