São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival - updates and postponed deadline

Hello everyone!!

The São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival has some news that I would love to share:

BEMS, the Brazilian Ethnomusicology and Musicology Symposium will happen this year. We will host the Kariri-Xocó tribe and several Brazilian and Brazilian-oriented scholars. Ethnomusicologists and musicologists are welcome to apply. To learn more: https://www.spccfestival.com/bems
The Brazilian National Orchestra will join the program again this year, creating more opportunities for orchestra composers: https://www.spccfestival.com/bsborchestra
We are happy to announce that Chloe Bolter, outstanding lyric-coloratura soprano, is confirmed too; she will work with our chamber groups and orchestras: https://www.spccfestival.com/the-ensembles

Due to these updates, we are postponing our application deadline to August 1st.

To learn more about the program, please read below:

After a successful first year, the festival will take place from October 4 - 13th, 2019. Participants can apply to have a work premiered with orchestra or chamber music. Furthermore, we are proud to invite back Christian Schulz, Director of the Vienna Symphoniker who will be conducting the orchestral works and will also be giving masterclasses. Orchestral works will be premiered by the Unicamp Symphony Orchestra and chamber music compositions will be performed by Quartetto Larianna and special guests Luis Afonso Montanha, Daniel Murray, Pedro Gadelha, Raïff Dantas Barreto, Marcos Aragoni, Alexandre Ribeiro, and Laurent Estoppey.

Each participant will receive a professional recording of their chamber music work at the Studio Arsis in addition to the performance.

There will also be two composers in residence: Reinhard Fuchs, from Vienna, Austria and Silvio Ferraz, from São Paulo.

We are proud to announce that Dylan Findley, a student of UMKC, was awarded a commission project with the SPCCF and has been invited back this year.

Below is a link to the website. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested.


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Brianna Ricci

1 Aug 2019
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