"Musica Prospettiva 2019-20" - International Call for Scores


Comune di Torrita di Siena (Italy), Fondazione Torrita Cultura and Pro Loco Torrita organize an International Call for Scores for selecting compositions to be performed during the Festival Musica Prospettiva 2019-20.

1st Prize:
- accommodation for two nights at Torrita di Siena (Italy)
- € 250
- performance of the composition
- live audio recording of the composition

2nd Prize:
- € 100
- performance of the composition
- live audio recording of the composition

DUOroboros Special Prize
(to the best composition for the full DUOroboros instrumentation or any subset):
- € 150
- performance of the composition
- live audio recording of the composition
- composition added to the DUOroboros repertoire for possible future performances

Composers will keep performing rights.

The call is open to composers of any age and nationality, to music of any genre, style, difficulty.

Compositions for 1 to 5 (any combination):

-Mezzo-soprano (1 performer)
-Cello (same performer)
-Percussion (1 performer*)
-Soprano (1 performer)
-Piano (preparation allowed, 1 performer)

Electronics and amplification are not allowed.

*available percussion instruments: Vibraphone, 2 Snare Drum, 2 Bass Drum, 3 Splash Cymbals, 2 Tambourine, Crash-Ride Cymbal, 2 Crash Cymbals, Small Cymbals, 2 Tam-tams, 2 Tom, Bongos, Claves, Castanets, 2 Triangles, Flexaton, Kou-Xian, Dan Moi, Granite Blocks, Wind Chimes, Jam Block, Vibraslap, Rattles, Caxixi, Groovy Shaker, Bell Chimes, 3 Hand Cymbals, 2 Singing bowls, 2 Cowbells, Toulouhou, Slapstick)
For further details, please contact musica.prospettiva@gmail.com


November 20th, 2019

Any compositions are allowed, either already performed/published/recorded/awarded or not.
Submissions do not need to be anonymous.

Please send to musica.prospettiva@gmail.com
scores in PDF format
MP3 or link to a live or midi recording (if available)
– contact info
– date of birth (for general stathistics, will not be published, will not affect the selection process)
– (optional) short bio, program notes and/or any useful info

No limits to scores you may send.
A donation (we are a non-profit organization) of € 10 for each composition submitted has to be paid via PayPal (with the PayPal button here https://musicaprospettiva.wordpress.com/call-for-scores/ or directly to prolocotorrita@gmail.com).
You do not need to own a PayPal account (credit/debit cards are accepted by the system).
If you can't pay the donation, or for any issues or questions, please contact us at musica.prospettiva@gmail.com

The results will be communicated by December 15th, 2019.

Info at https://musicaprospettiva.wordpress.com/
Email for info and for scores: musica.prospettiva@gmail.com
Email for PayPal payment: prolocotorrita@gmail.com

20 Nov 2019
Euro (EUR)