Vanguard Call for Scores

Submission: Existing score plus recording, if available (MIDI accepted)
Open to: UK residents or students studying in the UK over 18

Guidelines for submission:
• Limit of one entry per composer
• Anonymous submissions only
• Instrumental/vocal works only
• Graphic/non-traditional scores accepted (require recording)
• No minimum/maximum length
• Incomplete submissions will not be considered
• All submission materials must be submitted to by the end of 1st September 2019

The scores will be placed anonymously in front of a panel of composers and performers. The panel will select composers to write new pieces for the concert in April 2020. The theme of this concert is Identity, and we want to hear what ‘identity’ means to you. The concert will keep the identities of the composers anonymous until the end, so the audience will be listening to music without any preconceptions of the composer while listening.

As part of your submission, please fill in this form:

Additional information about the composition we will be asking you to write, including the
instruments available and more on the concert, is below.

Essential dates:
11:59pm 1st September 2019 – Deadline for existing scores
16th November – Compulsory meet and greet for composers, performers and organisers (in Manchester)
Late January – Workshop (in Manchester)
Late February – Final deadline for new composition
March/April - Rehearsals TBC (in Manchester)
W/c 20th April 2020 – Concert (in Manchester)

Additional Information
Your new composition will be up to 8 minutes in duration, for 2-5 players. It will be recorded both in the concert and in rehearsals and will be made available to the successful composers.

Instruments to choose from:

Clarinet in Bb
Soprano saxophone
Tenor trombone
Percussion – vibraphone (3.5 octaves, no motor), snare drum, suspended cymbal(s), djembe

N.B. One player per instrument. Any combination of percussion accepted.

Collaborative element:
We strongly believe in making the compositional process a collaborative experience between performer and composer. As part of this concert, each composer will be paired up with 1 or 2 performers to collaborate on a short “response”. This will be up to 1’30” in duration and will respond to a specific brief/idea given to you by your paired performer(s). More information on this will be provided at the compulsory meet & greet on 16th November. We will also be fostering this collaborative environment by encouraging performers to give feedback on this commentary, as well as your main composition.

Send submissions to:
Form to complete alongside submission:

1 Sep 2019