Tenth Piano Composition Competition Fidelio Online

Entering this competition is very simple, all you have to do is yo record your own piano solo composition or improvisation and send the audio file to the contest. In this competition you are competitor and judge at the same time, that is, you choose the winner by voting at home for the best works. All the voting is published on the competition website so that you can check both the votes given and received.

The composition submitted cannot last more than four minutes. Only participants vote to choose the winner.

Prizes: 1500 euros divided into three categories. Registration: 12 euros per composition submitted. Maximum allowed are four compositions in each category.

The competition is divided into three styles or categories:

Jazz piano solo

Atonal contemporary piano solo

Tonal melodic piano solo.

No matter how far you are because this is through Internet. In previous competitions there have been participation from 47 countries. This is the first time it's divided into three styles, so that you compete againts similar style of piano works.

For more information, and to apply: http://concursodecomposicionparapianofidelio.com

30 Nov 2019
Euro (EUR)