London Composition Awards - International Competition

The London Composition Awards is an international competition open to composers from all around the globe aged 18 and over. Entrants are asked to submit an original composition, 2 to 8 minutes in length, that complies with one of the following instrumentation categories:

1. Orchestral Composition (Symphony Orchestra)
2. Orchestral Composition (Chamber Orchestra)
3. Chamber Composition (Piano Trio)
4. Chamber Composition (String Quartet)
5. Chamber Composition (Other String Ensemble)
6. Chamber Composition (Wind Ensemble)
7. Chamber Composition (Choral Ensemble)
8. Chamber Composition (Other/Mixed Ensemble)
9. Solo Composition (With Accompaniment)
10. Solo Composition (Without Accompaniment – Piano)
11. Solo Composition (Without Accompaniment – Other Solo Instrument)

By November 2nd, five composers will receive nominations in each of the above categories, and ten shall be nominated for Best Overall Composition. A week later, by November 9th, a winner is declared with for each individual award, and prizes are given out.

The winner of each award will receive a £300 cash prize, as well as an assortment of virtual prizes (notation software, digital audio workstations, virtual instruments, etc.) to be disclosed at a later date. The winner of the Best Overall Composition category shall receive a £500 cash prize, and a separate collection of virtual prizes. Nominees in each category also receive a small prize package.

Entries for the London Composition Awards opened on July 3rd. The standard deadline ends on September 2nd, and the final deadline on October 11th. Understand that there is no penalty for works submitted at any point before the final deadline, and that all entries, no matter the date on which they are submitted, are judged anonymously and equally. After October 11th, all entries close, the list of applicants is finalised, and the judging process begins.

Read more about this competition and others similar to it, including entry requirements and deadline specifics, on our website:

11 Oct 2019
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