New CD pieces for panflute-piano duo

Dear Composers,
My name is Mariana Preda and I am a panflute master student at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. 3 years ago I formed a duo together with my pianist friend Daisuke Kanamaru and now we are looking for new repertoire to start recording our debut CD. Since there are not so many actual compositions for this instrumental combination and we play mostly flute repertoire, we are very eager to play new pieces that will be written for us and that will make a difference in the panflute-piano repertoire.

All the pieces will be recorded in Amsterdam and we will premiere them in one of the concert venues in the city of Amsterdam or at the Conservatory. The CD will be published online and we will, of course, share the revenues with the composers that will take part in the project through Soundrop.

Here are 3 links from some of our performances:

I would really appreciate your help,
For more info please contact me at

Kind Regards,

15 Nov 2019