1st International Choral Composition Competition «Carmina Nova».

Open to composers of any country, age and style, we present the 1st International Choral Composition Competition «Carmina Nova». Compositions for mixed choir “a capella” with religious text in Latin may be presented, for a minimum of 4 voices (SATB) and a maximum of 8 voices (SSAATTBB), and a duration of approximately 4 to 6 minutes.

The best work of the contest will be awarded with its absolute premiere at the Lent concert of the Coral Cármina Nova, and with the publication of the work.

The deadline for submission of works is December 15, 2019.
#1. Any composer from any country, age and tendency, can participate in this competition, with the only condition of having an original and unplublished piece of work that had not been played in public or transmitted, partially or in full, in any public media.
#2. The piece of work will be presented in “a capella” mode, with a religious text in latin, with a minimum of 4 voices (SATB) and a maximum of 8 (SSAATTBB); with a duration of 4 to 6 minutes approximately.
#3. The scores need to be in clear graphical symbols - 5 copies need to be presented.
#4. The compositions will be presented under motto, without any sign of its authorship. They will have to beinside an envelope, with the completed registration form, as attached model (see annex I). Such a registra-
tion form will be guarded by the secretary of the “Coral Cármina Nova”, in order to protect the prior identification of the authors, before the final verdict of the Jury.
#5. The period in which the composition pieces may be entered, will end on December 15th, 2019.
#6. The composition pieces must be delivered at “Coral Cármina Nova”, apartado de correos 365, 29080, Málaga, España.
#7. Under no circumstances, will the “Coral Cármina Nova” be responsible for the loss or damage of those pieces of work which are sent via post.
#8. The best piece of work will be awarded with its premiere at the Lent concert of the “Coral Carmina Nova” and its publishing. The jury may give the distinction “COMPOSITION OF INTEREST” to those not winning
compositions of enough quality. All these pieces of work will become part of the repertoire, promoted by the organization in different specialized forums.
#9. The awarded musician will become a member of the jury in the next edition of the competition.
#10. The jury will be constituted by renowned and prestigious musicians.
#11. The jury will primarily appreciate the following aspects of the presented piece of work:
• Creative approach expressed in a personal language.
• Mastership of the voice and choral composition.
• Coherence, proportion and balance in the technical
work and correct treatment of the text.
• Balance between difficulty and musical result.
#12. Once the admission period has finished, the Jury will meet to value the submitted pieces of work and will produce the minutes, in which it will be indicated:
• The pieces that have been admitted amongst the ones presented to the competition.
• The pieces that have not been accepted, indicating the reasons for the exclusion.
• The valuation of the presented pieces.
#13. The result of the competition will be communicated in written, by post, to the winner on January 15th, 2020. Additionally, it will be issued on the coral ́s web page and social media.
#14. If, once the competition has finished, the awarded piece of work is found not to have met the specified conditions of this specific bid, the author will have to return their prize.
#15. The winner will have the right and obligation to imprint the following heading: Winner of the “1er Concurso Internacional de Composición Coral Cármina Nova” on the cover of the score, books, CD, discs, concert programmes, radio/television or cinema broadcasts, every time the piece of work is presented in Spain, as well as in any other foreign country.
#16. Non-awarded pieces of work may be withdrawn at the request of their composers, within one month from the publication of the result of the competition. In case the works are not claimed, they will become part of the choir’s archive.
#17. The participation in this competition entails the full acceptance of all of its rules.
#18. The interpretation of the rules will be exclusive competence of the jury.

For any information: coralcarminanova@gmail.com

15 Dec 2019