Composing in the Wilderness 2020

Attention Adventurous Composers:


Come with us and explore the inspiring wilderness of Alaska's backcountry, compose music about it, and have it premiered by top performers.

If you are a composer, love wilderness, and want to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind creative adventure, then Composing in the Wilderness if for you! You'll join a group of nine composers and go into the epic backcountry of Alaska for an immersive and inspirational experience. Then you'll compose a new chamber work and have it performed by top musicians. In 2020 we'll be offering our highly successful trip in Denali National Park for the ninth consecutive year! Take a look at our website to see what our previous years have been like, and then use our simple application form to apply.  

Applications will be accepted through October 15, 2019, and selected composers will be notified by no later than November 1st.

Composing in the Wilderness has a strong history of embracing diversity, and we encourage applications from composers of all ages, nationalities, and styles.  

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"Composing In The Wilderness is a life changing event no matter who you are."
(Brent Lawrence, California, 2017)

"I loved every moment of Composing in the Wilderness. I loved the great group of composers and performers involved, the unearthly beauty of Denali, being taught to understand the extraordinary magic of lichen, the weird half light at midnight, and a glimpse of the poetry of the place."
(Gemma Peacocke, New Zealand, 2016)

“Composing in the Wilderness was an entirely unique and indescribable experience. I will be drawing inspiration from it for years to come."
(Kohen Hammond, Canada, 2018)

"At Composing in the Wilderness, I am my truest self, both as a composer and as a person"
(Christina Rusnak, Oregon, 2012, 2013, 2017)

15 Oct 2019