Creative Tools - Composers in Residence

CREATIVE TOOLS is an innovative residency project organized by Associazione Cultura e Musica - G. Curci which lasts about 9 months and directed to eight under-35 composers living in Italy.
This initiative is realized with the support of the MiBAC and SIAE (Italian PRO) as part of the "Per Chi Crea" call for projects.
The selected composers will have the opportunity to expand their musical and compositional knowledge in order to best express their creativity, in the Urban Laboratory G.O.S., Giovani Open Space in Barletta (Puglia, Italy).
In this space of over 1000 square meters will be held seminars and workshops finalized to the composition and performance of eight new compositions for Piano and Electronics created by the resident composers to be world-premiered by the pianist Dario D'Ignazio.
The compositions will be also professionally recorded.
The 8 selected composers are not required to make any financial contribution for participation in the residency and for all the planned activities, for them will be also guaranteed board and lodging, reimbursement of the travel expenses from the place of origin to the place of residence, as well as tutoring, use of the recording/mixing room with assistance of the resident sound technician, use of equipment and consumables.
New compositions will, therefore, be created "in residence" at the GOS Urban Laboratory, with Seminars, Lectures and Workshops provided by artists of the highest prestige and experience, such as the dean of the Italian Electroacoustic Composition, Giorgio Nottoli, the famous Italian pianist Emanuele Arciuli, the manager of RMN CLASSICAL in London, Rick Romano, the Greek composer and professor of Composition of the Royal College of Music in London, Haris Kittos, the Australian Andrián PERTOUT, with commissions and performances all over the world, the Italian compositional excellences of Riccardo SANTOBONI, Paolo GEMINIANI, Nicola MONOPOLI and Massimo CARLENTINI and the extraordinary piano virtuoso Dario D'IGNAZIO.
It is possible to download the Call for Composers in Residence from (in Italian since the initiative is for under-35 composers living in Italy).
The online application form and the website will be published next September 15 @ after the official press conference.
Applications open on September 15 and close on October 11, 2019 at 12 o'clock.

11 Oct 2019