Art Song Composition Award

National Association of Teachers of Singing
Art Song Composition Award
Advancing Quality Vocal Literature by Promoting New Works for Singers
Entries for the 2020 Art Song Composition Award are being accepted. Application deadline is December 1, 2019. Presented by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), the annual composition contest fosters the collaborative energy of vocalists and composers, with prizes sponsored by composer Lori Laitman. National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) offers a cash award, plus a performance of the winning composition at a NATS Conference, to the composer of the winning song cycle, group of songs, or extended single song. This annual competition is open to any composer whose submitted work meets the prescribed requirements, and who pays the competition entry fee.
NATS has teamed up with Cincinnati Song Initiative (CSI) to provide a new and exciting opportunity for composers. Following each annual NATS Art Song Composition Award, composers will have their winning selection programmed on a future CSI concert. This provides an invaluable repeat performance for composers’ work and introduces them to enthusiastic Cincinnati audiences.
The work must be:
1. a song cycle, group of songs, or extended song approximately 20’ in length--
13’ to 25’ acceptable. (Genres other than the classical “art song” are discouraged.)
2. for single voice and single instrument (neither synthesized)
NEW: solo instruments in addition to the piano, may be used as the collaborative/accompanying instrument with the voice. The genre and style remain that of the art song.
3. to a text written in English, for which the composer has secured copyright
clearance--only text setting permission necessary. (If the poem is not in the
public domain, the composer must be able to show proof that the proper
rights from the appropriate person in control of the copyright—either the
poet, the poet’s estate or the publisher—have been secured.)
4. composed within the past two years (after January 1, 2018).

To apply:

1 Dec 2019
U.S. Dollar (USD)