Cleveland Composers Guild Collegiate Composition Contest

Composers currently enrolled as undergraduates in any major at a college, conservatory, or university in Northeast Ohio are invited to submit works to the 7th Annual Cleveland Composers Guild Composition Contest.

• First Prize: $500
Professional performance at the March 29, 2020 concert presented by the Cleveland Composers Guild.
Recording of the live performance
• Second Prize $300
• Third Prize $150

If no entries, or too few entries, are deemed worthy, the Cleveland Composers Guild reserves the right to award some or none of the prizes.

Who: Full time undergraduates who are studying in any college, university, or conservatory in northeast Ohio may apply.

What: Compositions must be 10 minutes or less in duration and may be set for any combination of up to 5 instruments or voices. Composers are responsible for demonstrating permission to set and perform texts not in the public domain.
Score & Format: Each composer must submit a legible score, in PDF format only. No other file format will be accepted. The duration of the work must appear on the score. No marks identifying the composer may appear anywhere on the score. If submitting a recording with your score, please include a single file in mp3 format. No marks identifying the composer may appear anywhere on this media. Only electronic applications will be accepted – no hard copies!
Preparing your entry: Label your files with a pseudonym (don't use your real name on your score). Fill out the application form, and save it as a PDF file. Give your files names in the following convention:
• Score: Your_pseudonym_Score.pdf
• Application form: Your_pseudonym_Application.pdf
• Recording (optional): Your_pseudonym.mp3
• Text Permission Form (for works with text): Your_pseudonym_Permission.pdf
All forms available at
Number of entries: Each composer may submit only one work.
Entry: There is no fee required to enter this competition.
Please Note: You may not enter the contest if:
• the submitted work has been professionally recorded for commercial CD release.
• the submitted work has been professionally published.
• the submitted work has already been given a professional performance (student performances acceptable and encouraged).
DEADLINE: Entries must be received by SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2019.
Judging: an independent panel consisting of one Cleveland Composers Guild member, one Ohio-based composer, and one composer based outside Ohio will judge the scores. Comments will not be provided.
The winner will be announced in January 2020.
E-mail entries as attachments to:
The Cleveland Composers Guild
Frank Wiley, Chairman

For further information or questions, contact us by e-mail at Good luck!

1 Dec 2019
U.S. Dollar (USD)