Intern.Composition Competition STRING TRIO / STRING DUO

International Composition Competition 2020 for STRING TRIO / STRING DUO

The „Styrian Tone Arts Association“ (STB) in Graz/Austria announces for the year 2020 an international composition competition for string trio and string duo resp.

1. Composers of all ages, all sexes and from all nationalities are admitted to participate
2. The call is for works for string trio (2 vn+vc) or string duo (vn+vc or two vn resp.) –
no viola – of professional quality, with high compositional standard and musical attractivity
3. The works should be from 2000 or later, they may already have been performed
and/or published, but they must never have been presented to the STB or the performing ALEA-Ensemble.
4. The duration should be between 5 and 12 minutes – minor differences may be
accepted by the jury if the artistic quality is high.
5. The submissions have to be sent by e-mail as anonymous PDF-score between 6th
January and 31st March 2020. Any perceptible indication on the composer or publisher leads to disqualification.
6. A participation fee of 35 EURO (PayPal 37 EURO) for each submitted work has to
be paid in advance by bank transfer or PayPal as specified . This fee cannot be refunded. The submission of several works is possible with different code words (and payment of fees resp.)
8. The winners will be selected in a final public concert in November/December 2020
in Graz/Austria with the participation of the audience.

1st prize: 1.500 € - „Future-Award“ with support from the Vize-Govenor of
Styria Mag. Michael Schickhofer and the Alfred-Schachner-Memorial-Fonds
2nd prize: 1.000 €
3rd prize: 500 €

Jury: Gerhard Präsent (composer, conductor, STB-president)
Kurt Schwertsik (composer)
Wolfram Wagner (composer, flautist)
Igmar Jenner (violinist, composer, ALEA-Ensemble, radio.string.quartet)

Submissions have to be made between January 6 and March 31, 2020 exclusively by e-mail to the address .

Each submission has to include:
- PDF-score of the work (in one single file), indicated with a code word of 5 to 10 characters, including exact indication of duration, year of composition and page numbers. Neither name, sex, origin, adress, publisher etc. of the author may appear in any part of the score, otherwise this leads to disqualification. Only the use of German or English language is possible, in the title also Latin, in the musical text in addition the usual Italian terms for tempo and expression.
- the filled-out submission form (word or PDF-file)
- proof of payment (with indication of the code word)
- copy of passport
The participants are kindely asked to make their submissions early on. The correct receipt of the submissions will be confirmed within about one week.
Execution: Until summer of 2020, the jury will select the best 8-12 works as official "semi-finalists". These are requested to send the professional performance material (free of charge) and additional informations by e-mail within three weeks. After a further review of this material in practical terms, 3-6 finalists will be identified who will be subject to an audience evaluation in the public final concert (Nov / Dec. 2020). The jury and the public evaluation jointly determine the winners.
The finalists are welcome at the final concert, but are not allowed to disclose their work before the final decision. The competition management decides on the (partial) taking-over of accomodation costs as far as possible – under no circumstances travel expenses can be refunded.
All decisions of the jury are final – they will not be substantiated. In cases of doubt the German text of the announcement applies. Any legal recourse is excluded.

Detailed infos / web:
Contact / PayPal-adress:

31 Mar 2020
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