2020 DOT THE LINE Call for Score

New Music Festival DOT THE LINE bridges composers and performers in Korea and other countries; advocates contemporary composers and their scores; and presents the highest level of performance and innovative program to general audience.

International New Music Festival DOT THE LINE announces its second call for scores. 2020 DOT THE LINE: heart will take place in Recital Hall at Ewha Womans University and Ilshin Hall, Seoul, Korea http://ilshinhall.com/
Submission form: http://bit.ly/2WU36bV

Festival Dates and Locations:

May 28-29, 2020 *subject to change
Ewha Womans University and Ilshin Hall *subject to change

Participant Eligibility:

- Composers of any nationality and age are encouraged to apply.

Composition Eligibility:

- All submissions should be no longer than15 minutes in duration.
- Works composed after 2014 are eligible.
- Previously performed compositions are eligible.
- Works of any style, aesthetic, and notation and electro-acoustics (fixed media and live electronics) will be accepted.
- Selected composers are expected to register and pay the registration fee $70

Composition Submission Guidelines:

- Submissions will only be accepted online
- Submission Deadline: February 15, 2020
- Each composer may submit 1 work.
- Submissions should include links to a legible score and recording.
- If selected, a registration fee of $70 will be due by March 31, 2020

Instrumentation Category with or without electronics:


- percussion (list of percussion instruments: http://bit.ly/2NhODDw)
- saxophone
- violin
- cello

- percussion, saxophone, violin, cello, double bass, piano (any combination)

Trio or larger ensemble
- percussion, saxophone, violin, cello, double bass, piano (any combination)


Robert McCormick (percussion), Doug O’Connor (saxophone), Eunmi Ko (piano), Yu-fang Chen (violin), Yeil Park (cello), Emily Koh (double bass)

Selected composers will be notified individually via email by March 15, 2020.

For more information, please contact Eunmi Ko ko.eunmi@gmail.com

15 Feb 2020