Città di Barletta Competition

open to all composers of any nationality, without age limits.

An unpublished composition not longer than 10 minutes.
Each participant can participate with one or more scores, for the same or different categories, in anonymous form.

Cat. A – Solo Instrument (with or without electronics)
Cat. B – From 2 to 4 performers (with or without electronics)
Cat. C – String Orchestra (without electronics)

For A and B category the available instrumentation is the following:
1 Guitar
1 Flute or Piccolo (1 performer)
1 Oboe
1 Piano
1 Keyboard, Keyboard Sampler or Midi Keyboard
2 Violins
1 Viola
1 Cello
1 Double Bass

The optional electronics can be tape or live electronics and must be stereo.

Participants will have to email to
- A first PDF file containing the anonymous score identified only by a 'motto';
- A second PDF file containing the filled and signed application form and the payment receipt of the entry fee;
- In the mail text it is possible to indicate a link to an MP3 file containing the simulation or recording of the composition (the link must remain active until the date of the competition). MP3 simulation is recommended for compositions without electronics, mandatory for those with electronics.

complete rules:
more information:

6 Apr 2020
Euro (EUR)